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In addition to getting the appropriate treatment from your doctor or specialist, there are things you can do in your daily life to help your lungs.

Identify and Manage Your Triggers

Identify and manage your triggers

Everyone has different asthma triggers-being aware of yours can help you reduce future risk (eg, weather, pollen, smells, hormones, stress, dust, fumes, exercise) 

Have confidence and make those around you aware of your triggers so they can help limit them when they’re near 

Keep a record of your triggers and share with your family, friends, and doctor

Stay Active and Eat Healthy

Stay active and eat healthy

You can live well with asthma by engaging in regular physical activity 

Even everyday activities such as walking have positive health benefits

Ask your doctor about managing asthma symptoms during physical activity

Together you can develop a treatment plan that helps you prepare for activity and understand your limits

A balanced diet can help improve overall health and reduce the risk of other chronic disease

Talk to Friends and Family About Asthma

Talk to family and friends about your asthma

Let family and friends know what triggers your asthma

Let family and friends know what medications you are taking for your asthma

Bring someone with you to the doctor

They can ask questions and share how asthma impacts your life

They can help you remember what the doctor talks to you about